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Transform your home into a cinema

by BQ News Bureau
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Samsung’s latest Premiere, lifestyle projector, offers ultimate in-home cinema experience, whatever viewers might want in terms of size, screen quality and mobility. The Premiere brings a maximum screen size of 130 inches to life wherever you may want it. It is simple and easy to install so that you can create a small cinema of your own anywhere in your home.

As the Premiere is entirely white, it is able to fit in smoothly with any interior design aesthetic. Furthermore, its rounded edge is accentuated with a Kvadrat fabric finish to evoke cosy and modern simplicity.

When you think of installing projectors, the first thing that might come to your mind is a myriad of cables, fixtures and other components. The Premiere’s installation is as simple as plugging in its power cable and connecting it to a wireless network, meaning that even the least tech-savvy of users can set up the projector with ease and start using it quickly and seamlessly.

Compared to conventional projectors which require up to 3 or 4m of distance from the wall in order to provide big-screen projections, The Premiere is an ultra-short throw projector capable of creating a screen size of 100 inches when placed between 11.3 cm and 30.3 cm away from the wall. There is no need to rearrange your interior design in order to install your new projector. Furthermore, it possesses a compact size that means users can easily install and rearrange the projector on their own.

The Premiere is available in two models – a Triple Laser-enabled model (LSP9T) and a Single Laser-enabled model (LSP7T).

Users can also enjoy the ultimate in gaming experiences thanks to its high-quality screen and exceptional sound. The Premiere comes with three HDMI ports and one USB port to enable a seamless connection to a gaming console.

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