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Samsung introduces Intelligent Assist Solutions at World Congress

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Samsung Medison, a global medical equipment company and an affiliate of Samsung Electronics, has announced introduction of Intelligent Assist solutions, expanding its capabilities in diagnostic solutions, at the virtual International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) World Congress 2020.

Examinations for women with high risk pregnancy, early diagnosis of fetal abnormalities, and automatic measurement solutions in ultrasound for delivery—quality healthcare solutions enabled by Samsung Medison—have been acknowledged and noted in the medical profession.

The devices will be showcased on an online platform prepared for the virtual event, which will feature webinars, virtual exhibitions and chat tools. Samsung Medison will display its new HERA series of ultrasound devices (HERA W10, HERA I10, HERA W9) featuring its new advanced technologies and solutions. The various Intelligent Assist solutions, elaborating on the details will be presented in a video format.

The solutions which expand across the full spectrum of diagnostic functions and capabilities include BiometryAssist – Measures the fetal growth index quickly and confidently with the view that has been acquired semi-automatically,  HeartAssist™1 – Helps to measure and provide a suitable guideline view for an early finding of congenital heart abnormalities for the fetus before it is born, utilizing deep learning,  LaborAssist™ – Allows easy discovery of changes over the measured time, and provides demo video and animation images for clear explanation and communication of the delivery process to the mothers and  BiometryAssist™ and LaborAssist™ are expected to simplify the user’s workflow by not only reducing simple repetitive manual tasks, but also increasing measurement accuracy and providing consistent measurements.

“Our Intelligent Assist solutions enhance patient comfort and clinician’s convenience, reduce scan time, improve diagnosis accuracy, and increase system throughput. Samsung will continue to develop the next-generation ultrasound solutions in collaboration with Intel for the ongoing development of Intelligent Assist solutions,” said Won-Chul Bang, Vice President of Health & Medical Equipment Business, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Medison.

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