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NTPC transports fly ash on rail to cement units

by BQ News Bureau
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NTPC has started to collaborate with cement manufacturers across the country to supply fly ash as part of its endeavour to achieve 100 per cent utilisation of the by-product produced during power generation. The power producer is leveraging Indian Railways’ sprawling network to transport fly ash in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.

As per a statement issued by NTPC, NTPC Rihand is the first power plant in Uttar Pradesh to send conditioned fly ash to cement manufacturers. The plant recently transported 3,834 tonnes of conditioned fly ash in 59 wagons to Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited’s plant at Nagaon, Assam. Earlier, the rail rakes of conditioned fly ash were dispatched to ACC plants in Tikaria (U.P), Kymore (M.P) and Ropar (Punjab).

In 2019-20, almost 44.33 million tonnes of fly ash was utilised for various productive purposes. NTPC produces approximately 65 tonnes of ash annually, out of which 80% is fly ash. Presently, about 73% of total ash is being utilized for the production of cement and fly ash bricks, road embankment construction, mine filling, low-lying land development, and ash dyke raising.

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