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RBI releases Handbook of Statistics

by BQ News Bureau
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The Reserve Bank of India has released the fifth edition of its statistical publication titled “Handbook of Statistics on Indian States 2019-20”. It has been disseminating wide-ranging data on the regional economy of India in this edition.

This publication follows the ‘one indicator-one table’ approach in 153 tables and covers sub-national statistics on socio-demographics, state domestic product, agriculture, industry, infrastructure, banking and fiscal indicators across the Indian States over a time period ranging from 1951 to 2019-20.

To make the handbook more user-friendly in terms of its portability, presentation and coverage of new items, some changes have been introduced in the current edition. The time period coverage of tables has been reduced (starting from 1990-91 in the previous volume to starting from 2004-05 in the present volume), since old-time series is available online on the RBI website and in addition to the update of existing data series, 13 new tables have been included, an RBI press release said.

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