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More facilities for Jabalpur airport

by BQ News Bureau
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Jabalpur airport would get more facilities to provide better services to air travellers in the region. The airport will have a new terminal building, ATC Tower and Technical Block, Fire Station Category VII, other buildings and extension of the runway and associated works. State government handed over 468.43 acres of land to AAI for development work in 2015.

The new terminal building will be equipped with world-class passenger facilities. It will have three aerobridges, advanced baggage screening system, a modern food court in the landscaped area and well-planned car parking for more than 250 cars and buses.

The new building will be built with eco-friendly sustainable material and equipped with solar plant and energy-efficient equipment.

The airport will have an extension of the runway to make it suitable for operation of Airbus 320 type of aircraft, a 32-metre-high New ATC Tower and Technical Block with all modern facilities. A fire station and other ancillary buildings like utility block and gatehouse will be built.

The new terminal building is likely to be commissioned by March 2022.  Gateway to the tourist attractions like Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, marble cliffs and waterfalls at nearby Bhedaghat, the airport serves the whole of eastern Madhya Pradesh, especially the Mahakaushal region. The new upgraded Jabalpur airport will play a pivotal role in the development of Jabalpur city and will boost the growing tourism industry in the region.

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