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Hyundai Motor exports fuel cell systems to Europe

by BQ News Bureau
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Hyundai Motor Company has started exporting its proprietary fuel cell system to Europe for use by non-automotive companies, including a Swiss hydrogen solution firm, GRZ Technologies Ltd. The move reinforces Hyundai’s leadership in the development and mass production of fuel cell systems for vehicles and beyond.

Hyundai Motor became an automobile manufacturer to export both fuel cell systems and fuel cell electric vehicles. Export of its fuel cell system demonstrates Hyundai’s high technology and production capacity in support of eco-friendly energy businesses and advances its strategy to become a Smart Mobility Solution Provider.

Using Hyundai’s fuel cell system, the company plans to produce a stationary power supply system to be used for building electricity at peak times. The fuel cell system is based on the one used in Hyundai NEXO.

In addition, Hyundai began shipping the fuel cell system to an energy solutions startup that manufactures electric generators. The startup will use Hyundai’s system to produce mobile hydrogen generators.

“Hyundai’s fuel cell systems offer both diverse applicability and scalability well beyond zero-emissions vehicles,” said Saehoon Kim, Senior Vice-President and Head of Fuel Cell Centre at Hyundai Motor Group.


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