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Reliance ranked second biggest global brand, next to Apple

by BQ News Bureau
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Reliance Industries Limited has been ranked as the second biggest global brand next to Apple, according to FutureBranad Index2020 on Thursday.

Apple is the number one global brand. Samsung is in the third spot. Other brands in the top 10 global list are  Nvidia, Moutai, Nike, Microsoft, ASML, Paypal, and Netflix. There are 15 new entrants out of which seven have made to the top 20, including Reliance, said FutureBrand

On the consumer goods and services front that includes media and entertainment, Roche, L’Oréal and Walmart are among the top 10 in the global list. Meanwhile, McDonald’s, The Home Depot and Netflix are also surging ahead. The FutureBrand Index 2020 examines the world’s leading firms and determines how they have fared over the past year.

The index also indicates that the number one threat to the future success of companies is changing consumer tastes and expectations and the number two threat is tech adoption and integration.

It also points out that resilience is all, especially during a worldwide crisis. Its research partner, QRi, noted five key drivers for resilience: authenticity, premium, thought leadership, mission and innovation.

Creating genuinely useful innovations, producing premium products and services that people value, respecting and enhancing lives are some valid reasons to buy products and services from a company, the report explained.


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