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ARCI, Vehant Technologies develop UV scan system for air baggage

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The International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), Hyderabad, and Vehant Technologies have jointly developed a KritiScan, a UV Baggage Disinfection System to disinfect travel baggage.

The new compact UV conveyor system can efficiently disinfect the baggage passing through the conveyor within a few seconds. It is suitable for use in airports, railway and bus stations, hotels, commercial and private establishments for rapid disinfection of baggage.

It has the rapid disinfection capability and the disinfection process is dry and chemical-free. UVC irradiation at 254 nm is known for its germicidal properties where no chemical residues are left behind. UVC light, when irradiated on an infected surface, quickly disrupts the genetic material in the virus and thus inhibits its multiplication.

The Kritiscan UV advanced baggage disinfecting system has a specially designed motorized conveyor to guide the baggage into the disinfection tunnel, which uses UVC light (254 nm) with appropriate irradiance to inactivate microbes and viruses. The UV-C lamps used in the system are well shielded and hence pose no harm to staff or passengers in the vicinity of the system. However, any human intervention is strongly advised against when the UVC sources are on.

“ARCI with its past experience in UVC based disinfection systems provided inputs such as UV dosage levels and guidance in mapping the UVC intensities in the disinfection tunnel so that required intensity is available at all requisite locations,” said ARCI Director G. Padmanabhan.

Vehant Technologies, with its prior experience and expertise in this field, has been able to develop the KritiScan UVC system in record time.

“As the baggage of the passengers is also a medium of the spread of the corona infection, we have jointly developed the KritiScan UV Baggage Disinfection system with ARCI. The sensing mechanism in the chamber automatically detects the entry of any item into it and powers the system and disinfects the 360-degree surface of any baggage,” said Kapil Bardeja, CEO of Vehant Technologies.

This machine can be deployed as per baggage size with various tunnel sizes for different purposes and locations and each model type will operate at different conveyor speeds. The system can efficiently disinfect the baggage within 8 seconds as compared to standard hand-held disinfection techniques, he added.



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