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Air France announces 7,500 job cuts

by BQ News Bureau
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Air France, one of the leading airlines in France, and regional subsidiary Hop announced 7,500 job cuts on Friday as COVID- 19 pandemic paralysed almost all its flight operations.

After talks with trade unions, the Air France management announced on Friday night that it would cut  6,500 jobs at Air France and 1,000  jobs at Hop by 2022. Air France has a 41,000-strong workforce and Hop has 2,400 workers.

The trade unions strongly protested this decision. They also warned that such massive job cuts would have adverse impact on the economy. The Corporation had received 7 billion Euros from the government as bailout funds in May. Such bailout funds should be used to rebuild company and not so sack its employees, said trade unions.

“Traffic sank 95 per cent over the worst three months owing to COVID pandemic, losing 15 million Euros a day. We do not expect to recover until 2024,” said the Air France management, according to an AP report. The bailout would help to withstand short-term crisis only, focusing on changing domestic business models.

Earlier, Airbus in France announced that it must eliminate 15,000 jobs to safeguard its future. The aviation industry throughout the world forecasted loss to the tune of $84 billion this year.


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